Covid-19 safety precautions

With the return of in-person events at the Babylon Gallery, we've put together these guidelines as a way of keeping everybody safe at our events. Please read these before attending so that you know what to expect from the event:

  • Register for tickets in advance via the Babylon Gallery box office to guarantee yourself a seat. Each person who is attending will need a ticket. Seats may be available on the night on a first-come first-served basis but this cannot be guaranteed.

  • The front door will be open throughout the event to increase ventilation so please dress appropriately.

  • We require you to wear a face mask inside the venue at all times unless you are at the microphone or eating/drinking (unless medically exempt).

  • We recommend that you take a lateral flow test before attending the event.

  • We recommend that you use the NHS Covid app to scan the venue’s QR code.

  • We recommend that you use hand sanitiser on entry.

  • Please don’t attend the event if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 (such as a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; or you’ve lost your sense of smell or taste). Contact the box office to cancel your ticket so that it can be booked by someone else.

  • Capacity is limited to 18 to aid social distancing. See the seating plan for full details.

  • The chairs are all set up singly but you may move two seats together if you want to sit next to someone else.

  • Please use the microphone to aid those people who are hard of hearing. The hosts will adjust the microphone stand: please don’t touch it to avoid cross-contamination. 

  • Our number one priority is the safety of our audience, and we hope you will be satisfied by these guidelines. Please bear in mind that each person will have had a different set of experiences since 2020, and what may seem excessive or over-cautious to you may not be to someone else.

  • These guidelines are subject to change in line with the Government’s advice at the time of the event.

Floor plan of the Bablyon Gallery for Fen Speak poetry event